Pokemon Go Game

Halloween Costume Idea- Gotta Catch ‘Em All

When you think of potential costumes, Pokémon is a popular theme this year. The augmented reality style game, Pokémon Go, took the country by storm in 2016 and continued popularity through 2017. Children, teens and adults have been caught up in the fun!

Pokemon Go Game


Pokémon Go was a throwback for 90s babies to the original Pokémon game, released 20 years prior. Many millennials grew up battling the colorful characters in the game: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Vaporeon, Eevee, Gastly, Rattata or Ivysaur… How fun would it be to make your favorite character come to life for Halloween?

Here’s what you’ll need:

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Colorful Make-Up

To begin, you’ll need some colorful make-up — non-toxic face paint or body paint will work best — to become one of the colorful characters. Practice drawing the character on paper with colored markers so you get the details just right.

Take a look at this slideshow tutorial by PopSugar on inspiring Pokémon makeup ideas: https://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Pokemon-Makeup-Tutorials-42273939

You’ll need to outline your character’s features on your face before you color them in with face paint. It’ll be a good idea to practice with the face paint between now and Halloween. Work with a friend! It will be easier to draw the details on each other than in a mirror.

A Costume in Your Pokémon’s Color

Halloween isle View_jpg

The Pokémon characters are more than just a colorful face- the whole body is colorful! To complete the look you’ll need clothing and accessories- maybe a headband with some fake flowers or bright, colorful fake fur. Put your imagination to work!

Shop at your local Goodwill of Middle Georgia retail store, where we have clothing of all colors and lots of accessories. Just let us know you’re working on your Halloween costume. Our store attendants would

A Pokémon Trainer

Remember that friend we recommended help with your colorful makeup? Help them put together their best Misty, Brock or Ash costume!

With a blue and white shirt, red and white cap, and fierce fingerless gloves, this easy and quick DIY costume would make the perfect addition to your Pokémon troupe.

Halloween at Goodwill

Halloween Endcaps_jpg

  • We have a wonderful selection of colorful clothing and accessories to make the perfect Pokémon ensemble!
  • Pokémon Go may be a new trend, but shopping at Goodwill for Halloween is not. Goodwill has been a trusted Halloween Do-It-Yourself destination for many years!
  • Goodwill gets new inventory every day! Check back regularly to find the pieces you need to finish your costume.
  • Every time you shop at Goodwill, you boost our mission of helping local people build their careers.


Donate Last Year’s Costume to Goodwill

Here’s another great idea: when you shop at your local Goodwill, bring your family’s old Halloween costume pieces and donate them. Bring everything in to donate so other people can use parts of your former costumes to create their own one-of-a-kind look for Halloween!

When you shop at Goodwill of Middle Georgia & the CSRA, and when you donate your clothing and accessories, you are helping people in your community find jobs! When you buy a costume, they build a career.

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Have fun and be safe this Halloween! Comment pictures of your Halloween costume below!
















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