Seasonal Home Decor

Make Goodwill Your Go-To Place for Autumn & Holiday Decor

Don’t you love decorating for fall? As soon as the temperature drops, we get to bring out the “harvest” decorations that add warmth and coziness to our homes.

Seasonal Home Decor

Goodwill’s large selection of home goods is the perfect place to find the little touches that make the most difference in a room, especially if you’re shopping on a budget. We have a huge array of one-of-a-kind items to decorate your home for the season — unique and affordable.

You’ll find a large selection of harvest-colored and autumn-themed items – from ceramic pumpkins and votive holders, to picture frames and colored glass. You can decorate your home from table to hearth with our wide selection. Don’t forget the front door!

Goodwill harvest home decor ideas

If you’re looking to get crafty to save money and to make completely unique seasonal decorations think of repurposing items:

-cake stands to display pinecones and other natural elements

-terracotta pots for candy holders

-mason jar lids to DIY into a pumpkin

If you have the budget for a larger transformation, consider refurbishing an old cupboard to be a landing area for your new fall decorations

Cupboard purchased at local Goodwill and repurposed with paint.

Check out our Pinterest boards for ideas including Home Décor and DIY crafts!

GoodwillWorks to make it easy to spruce up your home with seasonal items any time of the year, especially when you know that every time you shop at Goodwill your purchase helps your community.

When you buy a cake stand or find that perfect pumpkin display, someone local is gaining career skills and finding their purpose.

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